What a great site you have. Tons of references and just a great place to visit and learn.
Best 73, Ron K3LUE, Carlisle, PA

Rod: For  some  time,  I  have  wanted  to  send  you a  note of  appreciation  and admiration.  Your website  is a  masterpiece,  and  I  don't  know how  you can  put  it  all  together.  Fabulous. With  all  my  thanks,  73, Fritz  Woeller  AD6JS, San Diego  CA

Rod; Just wanted to tell you how great your web site is. I have been looking at it since the late 90's and I just had to tell you how fascinating it really is. Without a doubt the most comprehensive of any amateur radio site! The absolute BEST. Sometimes I start looking around on it and the next thing I know I have spent more than a few hours getting "lost" on it. I just wanted to tell you that, and that I appreciate your work.  All the Best & 73, Greg Ganz, K9GC Valparaiso, IN 

WOW, I am blown away.  Your site has just replaced about 2 dozen other sites in my amateur favorites folder. A truly stunning compilation.  A thousand thanks, 73, Frank, N9DXR, VE-27212, W5YI VEC

Just wanted to advise you that our club has made many references to your site while teaching the kids we're currently working with. Best to you. Donn, KA0SOH, St Louis MO

Dear Rod, Your website is a masterpiece by any standard!!! Keep up the great work- like no other!!!  73 Tim KG6RII - Mission Hills CA

I just discovered your wonderful web site!  I congratulate you on it's development and thank you for making such a complete reference guide.  You can bet that I'll visit and use your link to Amazon.com often.  You might like to know that there is an Ababa Bolt store on Pioneer in El Cajon for those of us in East county.  Thanks again for your work. Bob Nowak, KG6NNU

We should ALL give AC6V a BIG well done for his web site. I have used it as a resource for years and it is always a tremendous help. It is the best!! Thanks again Rod. Bruce AA4Z

Hello,I am the webmaster of the Michigan DX Association. We would appreciate a link in your DX Clubs section. Our URL is http://www.mdxa1.org   Thank you for providing the BEST Ham link site on the entire web!!!!!!!!!!!!  I gave up and told our members to go directly to the AC6V site and added your link. Nobody but nobody can compare to your work.  Thank You So Much for all your hard and valued work!  Charles "Chuck" LeMarbre  W8VOM Michigan DX Association Secretary Webmaster


Rodney, This is the best Ham Site on the web Bar none!  I have been a Ham for 6 years and I'm an educator with an extra license.  I appreciate all the work you have put into these pages to help Ham members to learn more about the hobby.  Commendable!!  You have helped me with some of the programs offered.  Thank you...Big time. Best Regards, Tom Sheehan  W9TES, Geneva IL


Indeed.  AC6V (Rod Dinkins) has done a huge job of putting together a huge site with links to just about anything in the radio hobby that you can imagine!  Well done, Rod! Steve Silverwood, KB6OJS, Fountain Valley, CA

I know you get a lot of mail. So will make it short. I have used you're site for a couple of years. Just wanted to thank you for putting in on the Internet. It is the best and biggest I have found. I keep spreading the word. Maybe some will help you out. I'm retired  on a fixed income. Wish I could help. Just wanted to let you know. There are some out there who care. 73 DE KU4UK,  Leon, Albertville AL

Keep up the great work.  Your site is phenomenal!!
Best regards, Rob. K6RSG, Woodland Hills CA

Great , and lots of help.!!  THANKS   KC5KLY,, Wilburton, OK
Just wanted to let you know that your effort to be one of the finest Ham sites I've come across (and I've done quite a bit of surfing) has my salute and best wishes to continue for all us newcomers that need an excellent reference library in this hobby. Again.........Thank you for being so kind to allow me to download study material and other reference material. Bill Gardner de KB1KGY, Danbury CT

Hi Rod, just a note to say thank you for your excellent web site which I've been using on an almost daily basis for a year now. Thanks again and 73. Tony GW3GFM, UK

Good Morning! I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for an outstanding ham radio website! I have yet to have a negative result when looking for any aspect of our hobby. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! 73s  Pete AA8GK, Metamora MI

I have told you once before that you have the finest Amateur Radio site on the web, but I just have to repeat myself. You have the finest amateur Radio web site on the internet. It is almost 2 AM and I'm looking at your site 'stead of sleeping................. Thank you for your extraordinary efforts for all of us, Butch Magee KF5DE, Diamondhead, MS 39525

Hi Rod, My name is Craig, WX8DX, and I wanted to drop you a line and tell you  how awesome your site is! The depth of valuable amateur radio links that you offer is truly amazing. As an avid dxer, your related content to that aspect of the hobby is absolutely wonderful and as one of your visitors mentioned, your site has replaced several dozen others in my favorites folder as well. Fantastic resource, Rod! Keep up the great work!

Salutations from Paris, TX, Mort here, and I just wanted to thank you for you and your partners' extraordinary time and efforts in compiling this fantastic site. I have yet to see a more complete collection of excellent information in this format, you and your team should be commended. I will share this with those I associate with, and I sincerely thank you...  73  N3YNL  Kevin K. "Mort" Winslow




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