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"Best Title On The Subject" -- Universal Radio

"This Book Has Been Needed For Years" -- World Radio Magazine

"I own all of the important books On DXing, but this is the best!" - OE3SGU

 DXing 101x

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This book is a year in the writing and features the DXing advice of several noted DXers and technical gurus. This is not a brag book on my personal DX exploits, but tried and true practical DX advice from those who have been there, done that, and worked them all. 

It is intended for those entering into HFing and the wacky world of DXing. Old timers not yet on the Internet will want this book as well.

245 Pages

(Author Qualifications -- The Brag Tape -- Hewlett-Packard Tech Writer - 21 years, Dxer - 24 years




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From Universal Radio Reynoldsburg, OH  We are most impressed with the scope and currentness of this excellent book. Best title on the subject. Universal Book Order Page


I own all of the important books about DXing, but this is the best! It is full of useful information, it is a compendium worth not only for DXers but all Hams. This book should be in the shack. It is one of the publications setting standards in ham radio. Highly recommended!  OE3SGU Hannes Gruensteidl


Hi Rod, It's the best investment I've ever made in a ham radio book! When I opened the box this book shipped in I was stunned by the depth of information so valuable to any aspiring DXer.  This is the best ham radio book in my collection. A superb job of compiling an encyclopedic compendium about how to work rare DX.  Now you should do a video ... I'll buy two! I'm so glad I found out about your book. Thanks so much for doing such a great job!!!  George W0QU


GW0ANA wrote: Greetings Rod, I would like to thank you & yours first for your amazing book & secondly your taste in "Post Cards". I enjoyed looking at both.

Again I must applaud you for the immense effort you have put in on your book. The subject matter is of great help to Novice & Expert alike. It is like having an "DX Elmer" always at your shoulder.

I just love the relaxed way you impart real DX knowledge to the deserving. Your description on how you caught Malpelo was inspirational to this DX-ER. I got the guy on 10 by abiding by the first law of DX,"Listen & listen again" He popped up on 10 metres on a so called dead band, heard him & got him simplex 100 watts into a mini beam at 30 feet. I have big planning problems. But using wires in trees & lots of listening skill I have 310 countries confirmed & 5BDXCC. Again my thanks for your wonderful book I will dip in & out of it at will.

Best 73 Glyn, GW0ANA,
Nirvana Castle Precinct, Wales UK
P/S I am sure your book is my "Passport to honour roll"

Hi Rod. I'm new to ham radio since late Jan of this year (KD7ZHS). I'm sure you've heard this 10,000 times, but your DX book has been an incredible help to me. Ditto for your web site. Hope to meet you on the air some day.  Sincerely, Don Keller KD7ZHS

It's like, DXing for Dummies 
Best book for DXing for newbies or perhaps anyone. I'm sure even the seasoned pro could glean stuff from here. It's a must have for people like me who know nothing. Well I know something now. This book is laid out logically and is an easy read. I even chuckled a few times. His sense of humor is perfectly timed. But mostly it's so handy and I keep referring too it daily while DXing. It's got useful tricks to DXing and tips on equipment and procedures. Really enjoyed his DXing secrets. IMHO, probably the most important thing is the frequency listings and their uses. I'm hoping that will help standardize things as far as where the DX is. But I'm amazed how knowledgeable AC6V is on this subject. I've got tabs pasted all over it for quick reference and it is right next to me in the ham shack. . . usually opened to something like frequency list or the "Q" codes. Tons of stuff in there like that. I'm VERY glad I bought this one and I don't buy many "how to" books.  N5WVN


Fantastic dx book

What a great dx book! When I was called to jury duty I selected THIS BOOK to read while waiting in the jury assembly room!  It's a great way to learn and review dxing techniques.  Those dxing secrets are great (but don't tell anyone!). I know a lot of work went into this book and I thank and respect all those who worked on it. Another thing that makes it great is the humor mixed in - in fact, I'm asking my local radio club if they want to go on a dxpedition to Charcoal Island in the Barbecues IOTA group! Thank you Rod and everyone for a great book.  73 Martin G. (Marty) Blaise (AG5T)


Rod, 5 star rating. I just bought your DX 101 book, and although I already have snagged 225 countries and have DXCC, I have found quite a few really neat hints and tips that will prove useful. I must admit to reading a bunch of tips and thinking - "Hey that's right, that's what I do . . . ". So I'm learning new stuff and getting a kick out of the "secrets" that I already stumbled upon. Your book will be invaluable to beginners. I hope you can find a publisher who will bind using perfect bound or some regular book binding. . . Best DX and 73, Rich KY6R

Ed Note -- comb binding allows the book to be updated as additions and suggestions come in. These are incorporated into all new books -- books are printed on demand.


Although licensed for several years, been away from Amateur Radio for about 10 years, so getting restarted with all the new technology and information available was a chore, but DX101X made things a whole lot more enjoyable.

The bottom line is this, I have read the book three times and extracted only a small percentage of the available information; and, if you are either new to our hobby or think you have a strong enough ego not to be humbled but to absorb the information contained in this book, you are in for a very pleasant surprise!  From KB1GZ at
Hello Rod, Tks so much fer the book I rcvd hr last week vy vy psed wid it es still a lot to learn/to pick up; in particular the contesting part. Cuagn 73 de Harry PA3ARM

Rod ... Outstanding book! Just got the book in the mail today. I've only had it a short time - but I can't put it down. This book is very well done - outstanding job! I can tell a ton of care and time went into this book. What I like the most about it is it is full of Practical information. I'm learning about stuff I've never really understood until I read this book. I hope you will keep adding to it an updating it. My two cents worth in just the first part of the book I've read - add the Icom - 746 to your list of good contesting HF rigs. I have the Yaesu 1000mp and I'd put the 746's receiver up against it any day. Keep up the great work and thanks for an outstanding book. Feel free to use my comments for your testimonials.73 Dave Sass KC0IWV, Savage MN
Hi Rod, Thanks very much for sending me an advanced copy of DXing 101x per Paul DeCicco's NN6X request.  You've really done an outstanding job in writing a comprehensive text at a beginning and intermediate level for dx'ing.  There's a great introductory section on contesting, one of my passions, that should serve the budding contester very well indeed. Included is a very complete treatment of all the important equipment features and performance parameters that the budding dx'er should give attention to when selecting his gear.  You've put together in one place information that previously could only be gleaned from countless sources.  It really is a unique and rich source of information!  73 Barry N1EU Delmar NY
Rod, All I can say about DX'ing 101X is it is Fantastic. An unbelievable reference for any dx'er. Thanks for your efforts. 73 de N1LQ,   David Hammond, Middleton, MA
DX101 contains essential information for the beginner DXer. It is also valuable for the DXer who is seeking to tap the wealth of resources available on the Internet. I am neither and still enjoy reading thru this work. It is well written and deals with all relevant topics - it is a valuable DX tool !  Josh, Grand Junction CO,  N7XM
Rod, the book arrived and I haven't taken my nose out of it...... I know that a lot of hard work went into getting this book out ......  You would be surprised at all the helpful information that I've already acquired from reading your book......and I have only gotten through chapter five..... Thanks to you and to all the people that assisted you in making it available to the Ham World......Best regards..Bill NU5C, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Hello Rod, Just would like to congratulate you on the book. I'm just almost halfway reading it and I've already learned a lot. Considering that I just need a few countries to qualify for DXCC Honor Roll, I still find your book to be an invaluable tool for dx'ers. Congratulations! 73, de Ernie, DU1COO, also KH0DK



Low Band DXing By ON4UN   URL:

The Complete DX'er By W9KNI   URL:

Actually you will need all three of these books to completely cover the subject of DXing:
DX101, Low Band DXing, and The Complete DXer.

Thanks For Stopping by 73



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