By Rick McCusker, WF6O

AC6V's DXing 101

I can hear it now -- why is this book being reviewed under the Product Review banner? Because it's much, much more than a book, in my opinion.

Rod Dinkins. AC6V, has done something for Amateur Radio that has been needed for years! This book, nay, product, is the result of over one year in the making and has been written for the beginner in Amateur Radio as well as the veteran. Included in this product is a multitude of subjects and guides to show you how to be a world-class DXer, right from the comfort of your own shack.

Rod's callsign may look familiar -- he's the webmaster of the AC6V web site, the home of every Amateur Radio subject known to man! His web site has over 6,000 links to just about every subject related to radio -- from operating techniques to soldering a replacement resistor

The book is the culmination of lots of time and effort, and the contents show it. Subjects covered include transceivers, and their specifications, antennas, Yagi beams, vertical antennas, cubical quads, computer equipment, antenna tuners, microphones, ESP hearing, foot switches, logging programs, grayline programs, beacons, the Big Gun myth, pileups, low band DXing, DX packet, awards ... the list is practically endless! And that's just the main part of the book. Also included are several appendices with subjects like prosigns, CW contesting equipment, SSB contesting, DXer phonetics, CQ zones, ITU zones, beacons, DX clubs, and much much more!

In my honest opinion, every Amateur Radio operator interested in DXing should own a copy of this 250-page book. This product deserves a place of honor in your shack -- it's in mine now.

If you would like to order this fine product, see web page: http://ac6v.com/DXSAMPLE.htm or contact via e-mail at:


You can also write to: Jeff Dinkins, 981 Texas Rd, Iola, Ks 66749. Suggested price for the book is $24.95 plus shipping and handling (http://ac6v.com/DXSAMPLE.htm) . Kansas residents must add the appropriate sales tax.

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Outline, sample extracts, and testimonials from the book at URL:  http://ac6v.com/DXSAMPLE.htm

UPDATED March 2nd, 2008