K9TZU The Tibetan Lion Dog (A Shih Tzu)




I Just Got Here -- Who Are You ??

Alright New Owners -- Where's The Beef ?

Lickin My Chops

My First Dog Toy - A Squeaking Duck No less

Good Grief I Can See -- Thought I Needed A Seeing Eye Dog
Dog Gone If They Didn't Cut My Hair

Here's Lookin At You Kid !


They Locked Me Out Again -- Must Be at The Del Mar Fair


Check The Ears On This Dude !


Roar Ruff Growl -- Who's the guy with the beard ??

DeskTop Dawg -- July 2004  Nurse, Dawg, Pig


You Can Bet -- More Pics To Come -- Buffy

And I Don't Do Geico's,  

Nor Taco Dogs Either    No Yo Quiero