The following seven frequencies are used for NOAA Weather Radio nationwide. Here is where the transmitters are actually located in our part of southern California (all frequencies in MHz):

162.400 - Mt. Woodson (San Diego). Same frequency also used at Broadcast Peak (near Santa Barbara), and at a low-lying site near Coachella and the I-10 freeway (Imperial Valley).

162.425 - Mt. Soledad (San Diego) at the Navy Site. This is a new station activated October 29, 2003 to carry Marine Weather primarily, see note 1.

162.450 - Silverado Site (Santa Ana Mountains, co-located with the doppler weather radar station).

162.475 - Broadcast Peak (near Santa Barbara), carries Marine Weather primarily.

162.500 - Strawberry Peak (near San Bernardino). See Note 2.

162.525 - Avalon (Catalina Island). Marine weather primarily. Was initially on 162.500, but too much interference with Strawberry Peak occurred so the frequency was changed. Is
still incorrectly listed on 162.500 in some NOAA literature. See Note 3.

162.550 - Mt. Lukens (moved from Mt. Wilson about a year ago).

NOAA staff dealing with these stations on a regular basis include Mike Lauderdale and Gary Strickland. Mike can be reached at (858) 675-8700 x260 and,
while Gary is available at (805) 988-6615 x260 and For web-based information on NOAA stations, see

Note 1: Mt. Woodson will progressively reduce its Marine Weather traffic now that a dedicated Marine Weather Station has been established on Mt. Soledad.

Note 2: The Strawberry Peak transmitter went off the air during the October 2003 wildfires, and the total outage lasted about a week. On November 3, NWS issued a bulletin that read in part: "It has been determined that the transmitter has not been destroyed but power and telephone lines to the site may have been damaged or destroyed by the fire." On November 4, CGC verified for NOAA that Strawberry Peak was back in operation.

Note 3: Although well outside our area, it is interesting to note that a new NOAA Marine Weather station was recently activated at Hearst Castle on 162.525 MHz.