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For Effective Dates, Zones, and Details of Deleted Entities--SEE ARRL DXCC Deleted Countries
DXCC is copyright ARRL and its use here is printed with permission of the ARRL.

 ~ Blenheim Reef
 ~ Geyser Reef
  /A Abu Ail Island
 1M Minerva Reef
 4W Yemen Arab Republic
 7O PDR Yemen
 8Z4  S Arabia/Iraq Neutral Zone
 8Z5 Kuwait/S Arabia Neut Zone
 9K3 9S4 Saar
 9U5 Ruanda-Urundi
 AC3 J2/A Sikkim
 AC4 Tibet
 C9 Manchuria
 CN2 Tangier
 CR8 Damao, Diu
 CR8 Goa (Portugese India)
 CR8, CR10 Portuguese Timor
 DA-DM Germany
 EA9 Ifni

 FF French West Africa
 FH Comoros
 FB8 FI8 French Indo China
 FN8 French India
 FQ8 French Equatorial Africa

 HK0 Bajo Nuevo
 HK0 Serrana Bnk, Roncador  Cay
 KP3, KS4,  I1 Trieste
 I5 Ital Somaliland
 JD1 Okino Tori-shima
 JZ0 7J1Netherlands New Guinea

KR6 KR8, JR6, KA6 Okinawa (Ryukyu)
For Okinawa while under US jurisdiction, the FCC issued U.S. Nationals KR6 calls, and Japanese Nationals had KR8 calls. 
May 15, 1972 -- reverting back to Japanese administration, U.S. Nationals have KA prefixes, while the Japanese Nationals got JR6 prefixes.

 KS4 Swan Is
 KZ5 Canal Zone
 OK-OM Czechoslovakia

 P2 Papua Territory
 P2 VK9  Territory  New Guinea
 PK1 VK9  Java
 PK2-3 PK4 Sumatra
 PK5 Netherlands Borneo
 PK6 Celebe & Molucca Is
 ST0 Southern Sudan
 UN1 Karelo-Finnish Republic
 VO Newfoundland, Labrador
 VQ1 Zanzibar
 VQ6 5H1 British Somaliland
 VQ9 Aldabra
 VQ9 Desroches
 VQ9 Farquhar
 VS9A, P, S-S Arabia/Iraq
 Neutral Zone
 VS2 Malaya
 VS4 9M2  Sarawak
 VS9H Kuria Muria Is
 VS9K Kamaran Is
 Y2  East Germany
 ZC5 British No Borneo
 ZC6 Palestine
 ZD4 4X1  Gold Coast, Togoland
 ZS0 Penguin Is
 ZS9 Walvis Bay


For Dates -- See ARRL Prefix Cross-References

K/W Calls Overseas
( Note all US Administered areas used W calls for novices, changed to K  after upgrading)
KA# - US Forces in Japan
KA1 was Phillipines now DU
KA2,3,4,5, and 8 for Honshu.
KA6 for Shikoku
KA7 for island of Kyusho
KA9 for Hokkaido

KA6 Ryukyu Islands, Okinawa
KA0 Iwo Jima. Also KG6Ix. Now JD1

KB6 Baker/Canton/Howland/Am Pheonix Now KH1
KC4 Navassa Isle now KP1
KC6 Eastern Carolines  (Kosrae, Chuuk, Pohnpei) - now V6
KC6 Western Carolines - Palau (Belau)  now T8  (some KC6 calls survive)
KG1, XP1 - US Forces in Greenland Now OX
KG6  - Guam Now KH2 (some KG6 calls survive)
KG6IF - Marcus Island Now JD1 Minami Torishima
KG6IG,IJ - Bonin, Volcano  Iwo Jima, Chichi Jima Now JD1 Ogasawara
KG6R - Rota Now KH0
KG6S - Saipan Now KH0
KG6T - Tinian Now KH0
KH6/KH7 - Kure Now KH7K
KJ6 - Johnston Is Now KH3
KM6 - Midway Now KH4
KP4 Desecheo now KP5
KP6 - Palmyra/Jarvis, Kingman Reef group Now KH5, KH5K

KR6 KR8, JR6, KA6 Okinawa (Ryukyu)

For Okinawa while under US jurisdiction, the FCC issued U.S. Nationals KR6 calls, and Japanese Nationals had KR8 calls. 
May 15, 1972 -- reverting back to Japanese administration, U.S. Nationals have KA prefixes, while the Japanese Nationals got JR6 prefixes.

KS6 - American Samoa Now KH8
(some KS6 calls survive)
KT1 US forces in the Tangier Zone. Now CN

KV4 Virgin Is, Now KP2
KW6 - Wake Is Now KH9
KX6 - Marshall Is Now V7
KZ5 - Canal Zone Now HP

Old USA Callsigns 
Pre & Early Post WWII

K4 Puerto Rico
K5 Canal Zone (also NY1 & NY2)
K6 Hawaiian Isles
K7 Alaska
KA1 Phillipines
KB4 Virgin Isle
KB6 Guam
KC4 Little America Antarctica
KC6 Wake Group
KD4 Swan Isl 
KD6 Midway Isle
KE6 Johnston Isl
KF6 Baker, Howland & American Phoenix Isl.
KG6 Jarvis & Palmyra group
KH6 American Samoa
KS4 Swan Isle
NY4 Guantanamo Bay


CR3 Guinea Bissau now J5
CR4 Cape Verde now D4
CR5 Principe, Sao Thome now S9
CR5 Portugese Guinea
CR6 Angola now D2
CR7 Mozambique now C9
CR9 Macao now XX9
CT2 Azores now CU

EA9 Rio de Oro
EA0  Equatorial Guinea now 3C
EK Tangier Zone

FA, FB, FC, FD, FE, FF France 
FA Algeria now 7X
FB8 Madagascar now 5R
FB8W,X,Y,Z now FT
FC9 Corsica now TK


FD8 French Togoland now 5V
FE8 French Cameroons now TJ
FI8 French Indo China
FL Afars and Issas Terr. now J2
FL8 French Somaliland
FT4 Tunisia now 3V
FU8 New Hebrides now YJ

GC now GJ or GU

H5 Bophutatswana = ZS
HM before 1982 now HL

I6 Eritrea now E3

J8 Chosen (Korea
J9 Taiwan now BV

See Left Column for Old K Calls

M1, 9A San Marino now T7
MP4B Bahrain now A9
MP4D,T UAE now A6
MP4M Oman now A4
MP4Q Qatar now A7
MX Manchukuo

NY4 Guantanamo Bay

OQ Belgian Congo now 9Q

PJ Aruba now P4
PX Andorra now C3

S4 Ciskei = ZS
S8 Transkei = ZS

SP Old/Former -- See SP8DA Pages

T4 Venda = ZS

UB Ukraine now EM
UC Byelorussia now EU
UD Azerbaijan now 4K
UF Georgia now 4L
UG Armenia now EK
UH Turkmenia now EZ
UI Uzbekistan see UJ
UJ Tadjikistan now EY
UL Kazakhstan now UN
UM Kirghizia now EX
UO Moldavia now ER
UP Lithuania now LY
UQ Latvia now YL
UR Estonia now ES

V9 Venda = ZS
VK4 Papua Territory
VK9 Nauru now C2
VP1  British Honduras now V3
VP2A Antigua, Barbuda Now V2
VP2D Dominica now J7
VP2G Grenada now J3
VP2K Saint Kitts, Nevis now V4
VP2L St. Lucia now J6
VP2S Saint Vincent now J8
VP3 British Guyana now 8R
VP4 Trinidad now 9Y
VP5 Jamaica now 6Y
VP5E Anguilla now VP2E
VP6 Barbados now 8P
VP7 Bahamas now C6A
VQ2 North Rhodesia now 9J
VQ3 Tanganyika Terr now 5H
VQ4 Kenya now 5H
VQ5 Uganda now 5X
VQ8 Mauritius now 3B
VQ8 Chagos now VQ9






VQ9 Seychelles now S7
VR1 Gilbert, Ellice & Ocean Isles now T3
VR2 Fiji now 3D2
VR3, VR7 Northern  Line Islands now T32
VR4  Solomon Islands now H4

VR5 Tonga now A3

VR6 Pitcairn Isle now VP6 Effective May 1, 1998

VR8 Tuvalu now T2
VS1 Singapore now 9V
VS1 Straits Settlements
VS2 Federated Malay States
VS3 Non-Federated Malay States
VS4 British No Borneo now 9M6
VS5 Brunei now V8
VS6 Hong Kong now VR2
VS7 Ceylon now 4S
VS8 Bahrein Islands
VS9K Kamaran Isle
VS9M Maldives now 8Q
VS9O Oman now A4
VX9 Sable Isle
VY0 Saint Paul Isle

XU China now BA
XX7 Mozambique now C9

YM Danzig
YU2 Croatia now 9A
YU3 Slovenia now S5
YT4, YU4, YZ4 Bosnia   now E7
YT5, YU5 Macedonia now Z3
YZ5 Macedonia now Z3

ZB1 Malta now 9H 
ZC1 Trans Jordan
ZC2 Cocos Isle now VK9C
ZC3 Christmas Is now VK9X
ZC4 Cyprus now 5B
ZC6 Palestine now E4
ZD1 Sierra Leone now 9L
ZD2 Nigeria now 5N
ZD3 Gambia now C5
ZD5 Swaziland now 3DA
ZD6 Nyasaland now 7Q
ZE South Rhodesia now Z2
ZK9 Niue Is now ZK2
ZM Tokelaus now ZK3
ZM6 Western Samoa now 5W
ZM7 Tokelaus now ZK3
ZS3 SW Africa now V5
ZS4 Basutoland now 7P
ZS7 Swaziland now 3D6
ZS8 Lesotho now 7P
ZS9 Botswana  now A2
ZU9 Tristan Da Cunha now ZD9

1B Northern Cyprus ( unofficial)
1B Chechnya (maybe unofficial)
1S  Spratly Island now 9M0
1Z9 Karen Nat Union SW Burma (Unofficial)

4J1F Malyj Vysotskij now R1MV
4K1 Old USSR Antarctic Prefix 4K2 Franz Jo Land now R1FJ
4K3 now UA
4K4 now UA0
4N4 , 4O4 Bosnia  now E7
4N5, 4O5 Macedonia now Z3






Many Thanks To The Over 50 Hams From Around The World Who Contributed, Particularly VE3SYB, Kevin Cozens

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